Workshop: Newborn to Toddler Care

Newborn to Toddler Care Workshop for yayas is back on its 3rd year! Free yourself from training your caregivers and give yourself the peace of mind when you leave your kids in their care. This workshop will tackle the importance of personal hygiene and proper manners, loving and being proud of their jobs, caring for … Continue reading Workshop: Newborn to Toddler Care


Workshop: Basic Leather Crafting

Learn the basics of cutting and putting hardware onto your leather to create bag tags, cable cords, braided cuff, and a pouch. Personalize your bag tags through hand stamping your name or initials. These will all be discussed in the Basic Leather Crafting workshop happening on July 16, Sunday. Leather crafting kit included. What: Basic … Continue reading Workshop: Basic Leather Crafting

Workshop: Blogging & Content Marketing for Business

Being a newbie in the blogging world, it amazes me how much opportunities are unlocked with good quality content. I was a marketing practitioner back when tri-media was the most powerful form of advertising. Fast forward to today, I see a very different landscape when it comes to marketing almost anything. Enter blogging and social … Continue reading Workshop: Blogging & Content Marketing for Business

Workshop: Brass Stamping Jewelry

Hand stamping jewelries is a unique way to get your message across in a creative and useful way. This has become popular in weddings as they are also given out as souvenirs or thank you gifts to the entourage.  What better way to personalize a bangle than to hand stamp it yourself to give as … Continue reading Workshop: Brass Stamping Jewelry

40% Off on Friday’s Mozzarella Sticks

TGIFriday's (Philippines), the great American restaurant of The Bistro Group is celebrating the 4th of July by giving us a treat! Enjoy Friday's Mozzarella Sticks at 40% off on dine-in purchases with a maximum of 2 orders per table per visit. Not bad, eh!  So rush to your favorite TGIFriday's restaurant with the whole squad and binge! 

Expo Mom Goes to South

A day of family fun and activities await at the Expo Mom South happening on July 2, 2017 at Alabang Town Center. There will be informative talks and activities for moms that will help in their journey to motherhood. It is also the best time to bond with other moms and spend quality time with … Continue reading Expo Mom Goes to South

CBTL Mid-Year Sale

Get Your Very Own CBTL™ Single Serve Machine! Don’t miss your chance to choose from the elegant and tastefully designed CBTL™ Single Serve Beverage System bundles and save up to Php 8,450! Having the perfect cup right at the comfort of your own home is one touch away with the CBTL™ Mid-Year Sale! Promo period … Continue reading CBTL Mid-Year Sale

The Yaya Chronicles

Aside from raising kids, one thing I think I have mastered from my 11 years of being a mother is dealing with a yaya (or the absence thereof). In 11 years, I have dealt with and employed at least a dozen. All of them came and went leaving me clueless as to why nobody would … Continue reading The Yaya Chronicles

My Design Playground

So just last month I discovered this app that brings out the interior stylist in me. I am a frustrated interior designer eversince I can remember, and lately, I have been contemplating on going back to school and pursuing this dream. The research for everything interior design led me to this app, Neybers (like 'neighbors' … Continue reading My Design Playground