Of Summer Vacation and Separation Anxiety

As summer vacation is about to end, I look back on the past months when all three kids are home with me. They are 11, 7, and 2. I had to take them on by myself for a couple of weeks and there were screaming, hitting, arguing, and crying. But between those bouts of misunderstanding, … Continue reading Of Summer Vacation and Separation Anxiety


When Kidzoona Becomes A Family Affair

One Sunday afternoon, we trooped to Kidzoona to attend my niece's 7th birthday party. The kids were all giddy because this indoor playhouse is one of their favorites. Even my 11-year old son who grew up spending hours in these play areas when mommy and daddy are shopping, could not contain his excitement. More than … Continue reading When Kidzoona Becomes A Family Affair

Our Lego Store Story

Today a trip to the Lego Store was inevitable. The kids were restless and we were resorting to the iPad for entertainment. Our almost 2-year old wanted to run around the mall but we had to make him sit still so we can finish with work. With a video playing on the iPad, the kids … Continue reading Our Lego Store Story

When Little Things Matter

Lately, family weekends are spent mostly on the road. It has become a habit to drive far to see different places each time. But with three kids now, it is beginning to be a challenge because they are in different stages of childhood and we can't please one without killing the others with boredom. We … Continue reading When Little Things Matter

The Yaya Chronicles

Aside from raising kids, one thing I think I have mastered from my 11 years of being a mother is dealing with a yaya (or the absence thereof). In 11 years, I have dealt with and employed at least a dozen. All of them came and went leaving me clueless as to why nobody would … Continue reading The Yaya Chronicles

My Design Playground

So just last month I discovered this app that brings out the interior stylist in me. I am a frustrated interior designer eversince I can remember, and lately, I have been contemplating on going back to school and pursuing this dream. The research for everything interior design led me to this app, Neybers (like 'neighbors' … Continue reading My Design Playground

Monday Reset

As I browse through my drafts, I came across this blog which was originally meant to be published last January but for some reason has remained in the drafts section for so long. So long that today, as I am posting this, I've already found myself back in the corporate world. Blog post about this … Continue reading Monday Reset

New Year Thoughts

It's the start of the new year, and what better way to begin than to purge, purge, purge! I am literally dumping everything in the trash and it feels so great! Happy with this decluttering because I know one thing is certain. I am throwing out the old to make way for the new. The … Continue reading New Year Thoughts

Birthday Party Themes For Little Girls

It is that time of year again when my daughter celebrates her birthday. She turns 6 in two days, and I turn to Pinterest for ideas. Time has been limited and I am not well-prepared this year. But the celebration must go on. So here, I made a rundown of the more popular party themes … Continue reading Birthday Party Themes For Little Girls