What H&M Gives Back In Exchange of Old Clothes

Old clothes, or pre-loved clothes as we now call them don’t just land on refugee centers and landfills these days. For practical reasons, these are now being sold on Instagram, Facebook, and buy & sell platforms at very low prices, with the intention of converting these items into cash. Garage sales have also grown in number for when owners want to dispose of clothes that no longer fit, no longer in fashion, or have been an OOTD in Instagram for quite some time and needed to be replaced.

Whatever the reason, for as long as the clothes are wearable and fashionable enough, it can earn us some cash, or in some cases discounts.

This is what Swedish clothing company Hennes & Mauritz, or H&M is giving out in exchange for your old clothes. For every bag you donate, you can get a 15% discount voucher you can use on your H&M purchase. 

Just bring old clothes at any H&M branch and mention you’re there to donate them. They will ask you to dump the contents of your bag into a huge bin which are then sorted into 3 categories:

REWEAR, for clothes in good condition that can be worn again and distributed worldwide as second hand goods.

REUSE, for textiles that are no longer suitable to wear but can be converted into other products such as cleaning cloths.

RECYCLE, for other garments that can get a new chance as textile fibers and spun into yarn or insulation materials. These garments will also be used to make new clothes for their H&M Conscious Collection.

Even buttons and zippers are recycled. Dust are compressed into cubes and are used as co-products of cardboard. And whatever remains are converted into energy. How efficient is that!

I fully support this cause because I’m all for efficiency. I would also give anything to rid our home with the clutter of old clothes. And yes, I am a sucker for promos so I would gladly take that discount without batting an eyelash.


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