Great Deals at Photobook Philippines

With the dawn of camera phones and multi-terabyte hard drives, not to mention the cloud, more and more photos remain, well, in the cloud. As long as we back them up two or three times over, we’re pretty sure they are safe forever.

While that may be true, I personally feel having pictures printed will be awesome because my kids are growing up fast and I want some reference to remind me of their younger years. But where do I begin? I have collected folders after folders from years past and choosing which ones to print could take a little while.

Then I stumbled upon this Photobook sponsored ad on Facebook. I have long been wanting to get photobooks for the family but again, where do I begin? These photobooks are not cheap, and our family has been together since 2006! Even if I limit photobook to one per year, that would be 11 photobooks times the average cost of Php 3,000, plus shipping fee for EACH book! Sounds a bit impractical right?

But Photobook Philippines’ promo caught my attention. A 6″x6″ 40-page soft cover will only cost me Php 100! It was a very good deal coming from its original price of Php 1,200 so I shopped away! I also got a few 8″ x 8″ 40-page hard cover for the more important milestones of the family. The 8″x8″ is Php 600 each instead of Php 3,800.

Shipping cost will be shouldered in full. The 6×6 is at Php 250 per photobook.

And as if the huge price discount was not enough, I was still given a gift code for subscribing to their newsletter. Aaand, another gift code was delivered to my email a few minutes after encouraging me to download their app so I can get a free 6×6 hard cover photobook! So I did! Mind you, even before I started using the vouchers I bought, I already got myself 2 FREE photobooks just by subscribing, which I don’t mind doing because I’m on the watch for more great deals from them. It’s a gift that keeps on giving!

All in all, three photobooks were delivered to my doorstep much earlier than promised. All intact and in good condition!

While the 100-peso promo has ended (it was a July promo), Photobook Philippines has another round of promotions this August so you can kickstart your photo printing journey regardless of your backlog. Good luck and have fun!


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