When Kidzoona Becomes A Family Affair

One Sunday afternoon, we trooped to Kidzoona to attend my niece’s 7th birthday party. The kids were all giddy because this indoor playhouse is one of their favorites. Even my 11-year old son who grew up spending hours in these play areas when mommy and daddy are shopping, could not contain his excitement. More than this, the birthday theme was Trolls, which was all three kids’ home movie favorite, especially Korbin’s. So we definitely couldn’t let this pass.

We were informed through the invite to bring socks. As Kidzoona is not new to us, we knew socks will be required. I didn’t know adults would be needing them too. 

When I saw kids and parents coming in, with parents also having full access to the playhouse, I got a little excited. This was something we’ll be doing for the first time! While the kids know the ins and outs, rules and regulations of the place, having us with them would be a whole new experience. Not that it mattered to them though. 

As soon as the doors opened, they ran straight to the ball pit as if they were the only ones there. I was scrambling for the locker key to have everything locked up before running to follow them and capture the moment on video.

The husband found his way into the ball pit and being the kid at heart that he was, joined in the fun. Soon he was throwing himself around and running with the kids, jumping endlessly on inflatables (which thankfully were suited for adults as well), and trying out the slide like every kid does. 

As for me, I was busy taking their photos! Lol! Documenting these moments is on top of my list and I couldn’t be happier browsing through the photos once everything is over. 

But who was I kidding? I knew my inner child wanted to bounce my way through the inflatable catwalk and join in the fun. So I did. And as you may all expect, it was liberating to say the least. Now I understand why adult indoor playgrounds are gaining popularity these days! These are the things adults my age did not experience growing up but would be very much eager to try.

The husband and I earlier decided we shall go home before the party ends since it’s Monday the next day. But since we were also enjoying, the time didn’t matter anymore. We can’t bear telling the kids we’ll be leaving when both of us were having fun ourselves. 

So who says these indoor playground are just for kids? I love that Kidzoona can accommodate adults playing inside. Tells a lot about the quality of their facilities. More than this, I love that they foster a family-centered environment that allows play between parents and children. Because nothing beats family bonding than raw, no holds barred playtime!


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