Workshop: The Habit of Wealth

Being rich requires a lot of hard work and discipline, we all know that. We may be earning double or triple than that of a friend but the latter can still put savings in the bank while living comfortably within what his income can afford, which some big earners cannot do. This happens not because one earns more than the other. This happens because one is financially smarter than the other. That is, knowing how and where to spend his money on and living within his means.

This workshop will teach us how to form good money habits that will help us achieve financial freedom. All of us are capable of being rich but very few can actually become rich. Where do we begin? What tools can help us sustain the habit of being wealthy?

This is going to be a fun workshop so the kids are encouraged to join as well. Through this workshop they can start early and form the habit while they’re still young.

The Habit of Wealth will cover the following topics:

  • Discover your “money personality”—and how it may be keeping you from achieving financial freedom
  • Confront the emotional hang-ups that are keeping you from practicing The Habit of Wealth—and learn how to overcome them
  • Find out how to resist the money drains that are keeping you poor (without offending anyone important in your life!)
  • Learn the “3 rules of money” you never learnt at school or college—even if you have a Ph.D. in economics or business!
  • Master 3 stress-relievers you can apply any time—even in the middle of a difficult meeting with your boss!—which won’t cost you a single centavo
  • Grasp the truth about money: how and why it’s the very opposite of “the root of all evil”
  • Learn 5 “mini-habits” you can adopt effortlessly that will help build your very own foundation of wealth . . .
  • and the 2 simple strategies that let you sit back and watch your money grow!


WHAT: The Habit of Wealth

WHEN: July 29, 2017, from 9:00am to 12:00nn

WHERE: Palm Village, Guadalupe Viejo, Makati

FEE: Early bird (until July 20)  –  P950

Regular rate                        –  P1,499

Kids                                        –  P399





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