When Little Things Matter

Lately, family weekends are spent mostly on the road. It has become a habit to drive far to see different places each time. But with three kids now, it is beginning to be a challenge because they are in different stages of childhood and we can’t please one without killing the others with boredom.

We had to make it a point to always consider everyone’s interest and enjoyment. Something fun for all but not too costly for one day’s spending.

And last Saturday, we finally hit the spot!

Swimming! Because my brood loves the water they could practically live there. And what better way to spend an afternoon swimming than in a private home where we’re free to do whatever we like!

Our family trooped to my uncle’s home in Pasig and the kids had the pool for 3 whole hours. It could have been longer if we got there earlier, but they had tons of fun just the same. The husband and I were in the pool too, which the kids had been requesting for for the longest time. We knew right there and then that it was the best decision we’ve ever made. The best way to break the curse of frustrated family weekending because the kids want more but we are dead tired from traveling far and frustrated even more that the kids don’t appreciate our efforts.

All three were in good moods the whole time, and I can say it was a real bonding session with them because, no phones (well, except when I had to take some souvenir photos to remember the day by and post some silly ones on social media to show how much fun we’re having, haha)!

My takeaway in this weekend bonding is this: Sometimes, the simplest and littlest things are the ones that really matter, REALLY. We may be looking far and wide, exhausting our savings account to bring them to extraordinary and expensive places when all they wanted was our time and undivided attention, regardless of where it is. I am one who believes time is the best gift we can give to our loved ones. And this weekend experience further solidifies that fact. We are never gauged by the money we spend on our kids, but by the time we spend with them. That will never ever change, at least in the eyes of our children.


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