Workshop: Newborn to Toddler Care

UpcomingBYT 2017: Newborn to Toddler Care

Newborn to Toddler Care Workshop for yayas is back on its 3rd year! Free yourself from training your caregivers and give yourself the peace of mind when you leave your kids in their care. This workshop will tackle the importance of personal hygiene and proper manners, loving and being proud of their jobs, caring for newborns from cord care to burping, and dealing with toddlers as they explore and learn new things. Employers are also welcome to join!

WHAT: Newborn to Toddler Care

WHEN: August 12, 2017 (Saturday), from 1pm to 4pm

WHERE: Mothercare, B-1, Bonifacio High Street, 28th Street Corner 9th Avenue, Taguig, Metro Manila

FEE (inclusive of snacks): Regular Rate: P1,250 ;      Employer Rate: P1,800

REGISTER: Contact 0928 500 4552


Topics that will be covered in this workshop are:

I. Personality Development

  • Self-worth and Loving your Job
    • Hygiene
    • Importance of having a job
    • Understanding your job and the responsibilities it entails
  • Manners and Etiquette
    • Qualities you need to have and develop
    • How to carry oneself at work, with guests, restaurants, waiting for the child in school, and other outings/events,
    • Maintaining a positive employee/employer relationship
  • Safety
    • Answering phone calls and house guests
    • Avoiding scams, robbery, and house invasion
    • Social Media Etiquette and Maintaining Privacy

II. Newborn Care  

  • What To Expect
    • Oral Stage
    • Cord Care
    • Diaper Changing
    • What To Watch Out For
  • Bathing, Holding, Burping and Swaddling
  •  Feeding
    • Helping The Mom when Breastfeeding
    • Formula/Bottle Feeding – Solid Food Feeding
  • Milestones and        Activities              to            do           with       the         Baby

III. Toddler Care

  • Understanding a Toddler
    • What To Expect
    • Milestones
  • Potty Training
  • Developing a Routine
  • Playing and        making the         most      of            your       time       with       the         child
  • Handling Behavior
    • Saying No to Toddlers
    • Conversing with the Child
    • Rewards and Punishments

IV. Cleanliness

  • Keeping toys and other baby materials clean
  • Proper hand washing




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