My Design Playground

So just last month I discovered this app that brings out the interior stylist in me. I am a frustrated interior designer eversince I can remember, and lately, I have been contemplating on going back to school and pursuing this dream. The research for everything interior design led me to this app, Neybers (like ‘neighbors’ with a twang) which is a design playground for aspiring interior designers like me. I believe it would be safe to call myself an interior stylist for now rather than an interior designer because the latter involves full course study AND a license! And eventhough I’d want to be one, I still find it a bit impractical to go to school and study again. Let’s just say, for now, I still need to convince myself that it could be a worthwhile venture in the long run.

So while I’m still deciding whether to pursue it or not, I give in to my creative side by spending hours each day on Neybers simply as an interior stylist. It is a social media app where a community of aspiring interior designers and stylists come together to appreciate each other’s work. It is also a venue to practise styling by picking the right color combinations, putting furniture together so it looks cohesive, and getting to create different styles. This app lets me go out of my design comfort zone and explore other genres.

Neybers has a whole range of furniture pieces – from pipes to carpets to beds. It even has lighting and shadow effects for a more realistic look. Furniture are categorized by type, color, brand, and genre! Genius right? And all of the 16,000 pieces within the app are real brands and real products which one can actually purchase online! Aren’t you impressed yet? And to inspire users to keep on designing spaces, Neybers puts up tasks everyday that challenge users to design using a specific theme or containing specific items. Each task has a corresponding number of stars and you are awarded these once you complete the task. I still don’t know what these stars are for other than status symbol, but I do hope these can be used to purchase some items that are locked and are exclusive for Neybers Plus users only. Not that the items for the free Neybers account are not enough, but I’m wishing there could be more use to the stars than just status and leaderboards. Just the same, I am loving this newfound app I discovered myself.

The designs I make are also good materials for my Instagram account devoted for interior design: cheyslounge (doubles as Chey’s Lounge and Chaise Lounge, which is a popular furniture piece). This is where I showcase my love for interiors. And since I don’t have projects of my own yet, I get photo inspirations from Pinterest. Recently, I have been taking photos of restaurant and mall interiors that I find fascinating and post my own photos on my IG feed. I complement it now with some of my Neybers designs, because while they have not been put into actual work yet, I can say the concept is solely mine. This also gives me an opportunity to showcase my design style as well as talent in interior styling.

Moreover, Neybers has become my go-to tool to get a more vivid picture of how I want our future home to look like. I spend hours playing around with colors and furniture pieces until I’m satisfied with the overall look. Decision-making now becomes easier and more convenient when it comes to purchasing materials for our home.

Here are some of my designs currently posted at Neybers under username: cheyslounge


Someday, my goal is to make interior design accessible to everybody regardless of income bracket by providing the necessary tools. I aim to capitalize on an individual’s passion to create stylish homes by offering inexpensive alternatives to a 4-year school program if they have the talent and eye for design. Interior design need not be expensive. 

If interior styling is much more achievable, then so be it. Currently, there are not much available resources and trainings for interior styling alone. That could be a starting point. For all we know, homeowners are just waiting for an opportunity to stimulate their interest in interior styling and everything else will follow. There could be a huge demand for it if only there are available trainings that are cost effective and attractive. 


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