Monday Reset

As I browse through my drafts, I came across this blog which was originally meant to be published last January but for some reason has remained in the drafts section for so long. So long that today, as I am posting this, I’ve already found myself back in the corporate world. Blog post about this and how I finally managed to leave my comfort zone, to follow.

For the working class, Mondays are dreaded for so many reasons. Start of the workweek, heavy traffic, meetings here and there. But for stay-at-home moms like me, Mondays are heaven sent. While weekends are family time, Mondays are for moms alone.

Mondays are days after Saturday errands – paying the bills, shuttling kids to various weekend classes, planning the afternoon, going out for the weekly pasyal, and going home much later than their bedtimes.

Mondays are days after Sunday family get-togethers, birthday celebrations, family dinners, car wash, and everything else in between.

Weekends are not a mom’s rest day. These are her busiest days, days when she is most needed. The only time she gets a break from the demands of the family is Monday when everybody goes back to their weekday routines. This is the time to breathe and recharge for as the week progresses, tasks have to be ticked off the to-do list one by one.

So who in this world does not hate Mondays? Show of hands stay-at-home moms! We do!


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