Cafe Voi La – A Feast for the Senses

Tagaytay has evolved into the commercial district that it is now, but once in a while, one can still stumble into random pockets of peace and serenity among cafes that strive to be above the rest. Such is Cafe Voi La which is located at the quieter side of Tagaytay. Its cozy rustic atmosphere combined with lively pops of color make the restaurant interesting enough to try.

It was cold when we went there, and with kids in tow, we found it more comfortable to dine inside. It was not hard to spot a table as there were a handful during the time. The multi-colored yantok chairs invited us to sit right in front of a cake display cabinet (or it was probably the other way around). The pastry display was hard to miss because of five charming pendant lamps above it that would surely catch anyone’s attention.

I was giddy! My eyes were trying to memorize the vibrancy of colors. I love how it managed to put me and my family in such a happy mood! Now this cafe had one simple (but critical) job left – satisfy our hungry tummies the same way it satisfied our hunger for all things novelty.

We ordered squash soup for starter which looked a bit watered down but was surprisingly tasty! It had garlic bread on the side so this in itself was filling enough.

Pepperoni Pizza, a 12-inch round pizza in 8 slices definitely did not disappoint. Instead of pizza sauce, bechamel sauce was used to enhance the flavor of cheese and pepperoni.

Penne carbonara was a hit as well! A generous spread of creamy white sauce over penne got the kids’ giggly approval, so much so that we had to order another serving.

The drinks were a different story. The husband ordered Iced Vietnamese Coffee which should be dark coffee with condensed milk settling at the bottom. The one he got was far from dark, with milk obviously stirred in. There was also a different flavor infused into it that made it taste like a poorly concocted commercialized frappe (think Torani coffee flavoring, or at least that’s how it tasted like to me).

My Tsokolate Eh was also far from what I expected. Everytime I see one on the menu, I make sure it is made from native tablea and that there is absolutely no milk in it. I am very particular with my Tsokolate Eh as I had been to fancy restaurants that fail miserably in this category. Tsokolate Eh is the espresso in coffees. It should be pure, strong, thick, and consumed in small amounts.

Our server confirmed that their Tsokolate Eh is indeed made from tablea. He said it has milk in it but can be served separately if preferred. It seemed more like Tsokolate Ah to me but I ordered one anyway.

So my much-awaited Tsokolate came. Hmmm… It was dark but not as thick. There were no small bits that stick to the sides of the cup when I stir it. I was excited and scared at the same time because nothing disappoints me like a bad Tsokolate, and it seemed like this one would. So I take a sip, and voila! It was a bad one! The drink tasted more like Hersheys instant chocolate powder. It did not have that strong cocoa flavor at all. Consistency was smooth, unlike the authentic tsokolate which has a rough, chunky feel.

But the Tsokolate experience did not shake me. There is a lot to love at this place and I am planning to be back again and again. This cafe is a total package, stimulating all five senses and calming my nerves at the same time. Nice place to cuddle up too and enjoy the view especially in the cooler months of the year.

I’ll definitely try the al fresco bar next time!

Loving the lighting fixtures used as accent pieces…

Cafe Voi La at night

Cafe Voi La

Crosswinds, Iruhin Tagaytay City

(0915) 331-4457

Store Hours:

Monday – Closed

Tuesday – Thursday 8:00am to 9:00pm

Friday – Saturday 8:00am to 10:00pm

Sunday 8:00am to 9:00pm

IG: @cafevoilacrosswinds


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