Confessions of a Multi-Tasking Momma

I am not the stop and smell the roses kind of person, and my husband can attest to how obsessed I am with being efficient. I am more of a “Time is gold” girl who makes phone calls, plots schedules, and puts on makeup while waiting  in traffic; who writes blog articles while putting the kids to sleep; and who works on a strict day-to-day routine while trying to squeeze in some last minute change in plans.

It’s a girl thing, I guess. Or at least most of us can agree that multi-tasking is an innate skill we women were all born with.

Packing an hour with a dozen of things to do, running as many errands as we can on our way to work or the grocery store, and racing against time like there’s no tomorrow make up our typical day. But while we tick off item after item from our to-do lists feeling like a superwoman, being too absorbed in our daily duties strips us off the essence of living.

I have honestly been living like a robot for the past months and even if I accomplish everything I needed to do, I find myself asking the question, “How did I spend my day today?” It somehow feels empty realizing my day was spent by merely completing tasks. And while all of them are important, I know I needed to focus more on the things that really matter.

By this I mean spending quality time with each of my three children and giving them my undivided attention. And by being physically there for family. And by having more meaningful conversations with my husband. And by striving to be a better wife. And by reconnecting with old friends. And by listening to my favorite playlist. And by giving myself enough time each day to recharge and rediscover myself. Because while I love to be the woman in charge, I also need my quiet time to  bask in the beauty of the life I’ve been given, for all the blessings I have, and most importantly, for the gift of family.

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